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Fixed Run Services

Dedicated Courier and Bike

Dedicated Courier and Bike service provides a dedicated courier and bike exclusively assigned to a specific customer or company. It offers a fast and reliable mode of transportation for smaller packages and documents within urban areas.

Key Features

Priority Service: Dedicated couriers prioritize the assigned customer's shipments, ensuring prompt delivery.

Speed and Agility: Bikes offer quick maneuverability, enabling them to navigate through congested traffic and reach destinations faster.

Real-time Tracking: Customers can track their shipments in real-time and receive updates on the courier's location.

Dedicated Customer Support: Personalized assistance is provided to address customer inquiries or specific requirements.

Enhanced Security: Couriers are trained to handle packages securely and ensure the integrity of the contents.

Flexible Scheduling: Customers can arrange pickups and deliveries based on their preferred timeframes.

Dedicated Bike Messenger

Dedicated Bike Messenger service involves assigning a dedicated messenger on a bike to handle regular or time-sensitive deliveries for a specific customer or company. It is suitable for urban areas with high traffic congestion.

Key Features

Rapid Delivery: Bike messengers navigate through traffic and deliver packages quickly, reducing transit times.

Same-day and On-demand Service: Customers can request immediate pickups and deliveries within short timeframes.

Efficient Routing: Messengers leverage local knowledge to identify the most efficient routes for timely delivery.

Instant Proof of Delivery: Customers receive digital proof of delivery as soon as the item is successfully delivered.

Customized Service: Dedicated bike messengers understand and adapt to specific customer requirements and delivery instructions.

Communication Channels: Real-time communication channels are established between customers and messengers for coordination and updates.

Dedicated Van and Courier

Dedicated Van and Courier service provides a dedicated van and courier exclusively assigned to a particular customer or company. It is suitable for larger shipments, bulk deliveries, or when additional security or handling requirements are necessary.

Key Features

Spacious Capacity: Vans offer ample space to accommodate larger packages, multiple parcels, or bulky items.

Secure Transportation: Vans are equipped with security features to safeguard valuable or sensitive shipments.

Scheduled Service: Customers can arrange regular pickup and delivery schedules based on their operational needs.

Tailored Solutions: Couriers are trained to handle specific customer requirements, such as fragile items or specialized equipment.

Real-time Tracking: Customers can track their shipments in real-time and receive updates on delivery progress.

Direct Point of Contact: Dedicated couriers act as a single point of contact for all communication and coordination.